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Neo Panel heaters

Neo Panel Heater with Wi-Fi

Neo Panel Heater with Wi-Fi

Neo series is Scandinavia’s best-selling panel heaters and comes now with improved Wi-Fi and updated slimmer design. Save money with weekly programs designed for your routines and lifestyle. The Adax Wi-Fi app gives you full control over the heater’s functions directly from your smartphone.

  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Can be connected to existing Wi-Fi networks
  • No additional subscription costs

Product information

Save money on your electricity bills by using our new Neo panel heater with Wi-Fi, through simple use of the temperature reduction program in the app. Quickly connect Neo to an existing Wi-Fi network to become a part of your smart home. No subscription fees. Neo Wi-Fi heater thermostat can also be operated locally without using Wi-Fi.

Neo Wi-Fi is now delivered in three colours: white, sparkling grey and pearl black.

Neo Wi-Fi product sheet

Click on “see all variations” below the product calculator for more product info and article number.

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Product advantages

System requirements: Wi-Fi router must be set up with 2,4 GHz og WPA2 under installation. In addition, the heater has the following functions:

  • Splashproof (IP 24) – The heater is approved for use in bathrooms if it is installed by a certified electrician
  • Double insulated (Cl. II) – requires no grounding
  • Protected against overheating – A fuse cuts the power if the internal temperature of the heater gets too high
  • The temperature can also be adjusted locally on the heater, without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Cable length 1,3 m
  • The thermostat is replaceable
  • 5 year warranty


Product calculator for

Neo Panel Heater with Wi-Fi
If you are uncertain as to which size and watt is the best fit for you and your room, you can get help from our product calculator
Applies to rooms with 2.4 meter high walls.
Room size:
Size icon m2
Lightning icon W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410044-test
809mm x 330mm
1000 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410048-test
1403mm x 330mm
2000 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410046-test
1094mm x 330mm
1400 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410045-test
984mm x 330mm
1200 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410244-test
809mm x 330mm
1000 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410043-test
750mm x 330mm
800 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410042-test
635mm x 330mm
600 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410041-test
565mm x 330mm
400 W
Oven illustration
Art. no 410040-test
520mm x 330mm
250 W

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The latest technology

Integrated Wi-Fi

Make your home smarter with Adax Wi-Fi heaters. Use our Adax Wi-Fi app to control the heater, available for download in Google Play or App Store (via iTunes).

  • Wi-Fi included
  • Energy saver