Our best-selling models come with integrated Wi-Fi, so that you can control our heaters easily via the Adax Wi-Fi app, directly on your smartphone.  

Smart heating: reduce the temperature automatically while you sleep or are away

With a new and improved schedule, you can set up a program to control the temperature while you are home, at sleep, at work or away for a longer period of time. With the schedule you can create a set-up for heating on an hourly basis, the whole week, and you choose the temperature for the various settings. Let Adax Wi-Fi help you reduce your power consumption and save money with a simple and intuitive set-up that is monitoring everything and does the job for you.


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Download app to your smartphone

Download Adax WiFi from Google Play for Android phones or App Store for iPhone. Follow the instructions in the app for fast installation and Wi-Fi set-up. Below is a quick guide for the app and how it can help you to control the heating in your home.





Home menu

  1. Overview of all of your «homes».
  2. It shows an overview of all of the rooms in a home. Here you can adjust the temperature in every room.
  3. Tap the three dots to see details per room. See next image for details.
  4. This button sets the “away temperature” for an entire “home” while you are away.
  5. Tap here to go to the overview of Home, Room and products (heaters).
  6. Tap here to go to your account page.

Display of all of the «Homes» and «Rooms»

  1. Schedule – add, edit and activate a schedule for automatic setting of temperature, comfort, night and away.
  2. It shows the current room temperature
  3. Here are more settings for the room. See next image for details.
  4. This button adds products (heaters) in the “living room” (the active room).

Settings for a room

  1. «Child lock»: locks the thermostat, allowing no manual adjusting with the buttons on the heater.
  2. «Adaptive heating start»: The app starts the warming and the chosen temperature is reached as scheduled.
  3. «Open window detection»: reduces the temperature automatically to 7 degrees when the window is open, if the button is activated.
  4.  «Temperature calibration»: adjusts to the correct room temperature.
  5.  «Temperatures monitoring»: notifies when the temperature differs from the chosen period.

Your account page

  1. Account page: Show and edit your account information. Add more «homes».
  2. Under «Home»: Invite your family or friends to adjust the heating/ovens.
  3. Integrate with Google Home


  1. Overview: shows all of your Homes, products (heaters) and the rooms they are placed.
  2. Home, name of product and where they are placed can be updated here on this page.
  3. Tap on product to change name or change location (for instance zone/room)
  4. Tap on Home to add more users to the app/service.


  1. Visual overview of heating schedule.
  2. Edit: Set preferred time for each day of the week, and when you are «Away», «Home» or prefers «Sleep. Set the preferred temperature for each «mode» as you wish.
  3. Away – set time and temperature for reduced temperature.
  4. Home – set time and temperature for when you are home.
  5. Sleep – set time and temperature for reduced night temperature.

Need help?

Contact us at info@adax.no or tel no.: +47 33 77 17 50 (Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00) if you have any further questions.