Here you will find instruction manuals for Basic, Neo, Clea and Smart Series. For other products and series, please find instructions listed at the bottom of this page.


Neo Compact – panel heater with Wi-Fi
Neo Wi-Fi timeless functional design
Product environment image
Neo Wi-Fi – timeless, functional design
Neo Wi-Fi Skirting
Product environment image
Neo Wi-Fi Skirting – timeless, functional design
Neo Basic Digital thermostat
Product environment image
Neo Basic Panel Heater – Digital thermostat
Neo Shoe Dryer ST3D
Product environment image
Neo Shoe Dryer ST3D




Famn skirting panel radiator
Product environment image
Famn skirting panel radiator – a discreet skirting panel, easy to place
Product environment image
Famn – a modern design panel radiator


Iver glass skirting panel radiator
Product environment image
Iver glass skirting panel radiator. Elegant and easy to position
Iver glass radiator
Product environment image
Iver glass radiator, a confident and design-conscious radiator

Andre produkter

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Adax Clea

Adax Clea CP_CL
Adax Clea: Adax Multi DTs4: 62196

Adax Neo Basic

Adax Neo s1 240409
Adax Neo s2/s3 62228

Adax Neo2 – 2013 til 2017

Adax Neo2 2013 – 2017
Adax Neo2 2013 – 2017: Installation

Adax Oil-filled heaters

Adax Oil-filled heater APO_ALO

Adax Oil-filled heater NOVAinstrucX3

Adax Pro:

Adax Pro: 62180 ETP EVP 051205
Adax Pro: 62181 AdaxPro DTP_ Uk_07022005
Adax Pro: 62181 DTP_Sv_070205
Adax Pro: 62173_250805

Adax Set Master

Adax Set Master
Adax Set Master: Manual
Adax Set: 121012 Slave Switch
Adax Set Switch_N_S_FI_GB 200612

Adax VG6

Adax VG6: Manual

Adax VL9/VP9 Multi

Adax VL9_VP9 Multi DTs4: 62196
Adax VL9_VP9 Multi: 62441 Multi 2008
Adax VL9_VP9 Multi: 62445 Basic ET 2006
Adax VL9_VP9 Multi: TX-install N pilot wire

Adax VP9 / VL9 Standard

Adax VP9 Standard: Installation 61310 VP9 VL9 BG 040511
Adax VP9 Standard: 62477 VP9 VL9 050510
Adax BT9 Timer

Adax VP10

Adax VP10: Manual

Adax VP11

Adax VP11: Manual 62239 – 2021
Adax VP 11: Manual 62230
Adax VP 11: Installation
Adax VP 11: 62231 – 2013
Adax VP 11: 62232 VP11T timer 2012


Adax VPH

Adax VPH: Installation manual 62290 06112012

Adax VPS9

Adax VPS 9: Installation manual 62289 VPS9_08140

Adax VPS10

Adax VPS10 ET ECO manual 62266 – 2021
Adax VPS 10: Installation manual 62258 VPS10 EM_S4_091009

Adax VV – serier

Adax VV13T s2 user instruction 250811

Adax VV21 CA No Sv Fi Uk 0212 2014a

Adax VV31 No UK SV Fi 1906 2011

Adax VV70 CDH: Manual 220513

Adax VV20CDH Keramisk Viftetårn No Sv Fi Uk 1906 2011

Adax VV50 CAT Keramisk Vifteovn NO SV FI UK 230513

Adax Norel LM/PL

Norel LM/PL: Installation manual 62184_PM_LM_NC_140612
Norel LM/PL 24 timer: Installation manual 62183 PM-MT 020505
Norel LM_PM s3: Installation manual 0710 2010

Andre produkter

Adax Glassovn Prisma GA

Adax GVR5_VR5

Adax Harmony 5000