Basic Panel heaters

Eco Basic Panel Heater

Eco Basic Panel Heater

Eco Basic panel radiator 

A stylish, economical panel radiator for all types of room. Reliable thermostat function and accurate adjustment make Eco Basic a brilliant product for home and hut. 

  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy adjustable thermostat
  • Splashproof
  • Protected against overheating
  • Produced using 100% sustainable energy

Product information

Panel heater with bluetooth thermostat that is controllable with our Adax app. Eco Basic panel heater is easy to install and has a reliable thermostat function, making it the perfect product for small rooms at home and in a hut. The electronic thermostat gives accurate, quality adjustment which in turn reduces the energy used for heating.  Comes as 230V with cable and plug. 

Eco Basic is also available with a white glass front, see product page. 

Eco Basic product sheet


Product advantages

  • Easy adjustable electronic thermostat
  • Protected against overheating – A fuse cuts the power if the internal temperature of the heater gets too high
  • Splashproof (IP24) – The heater is approved for use in bathrooms if it is installed by a certified electrician
  • Double insulated (Cl. II) – requires no grounding
  • Cable length 1,3 m
  • 5 year warranty