Iver Panel heaters

Iver glass radiator, a confident and design-conscious radiator

Iver glass radiator, a confident and design-conscious radiator

Adax Iver WiFi panel heater with glass

Time to raise the standard a little? This is how great heating can look. Iver is our new elegant panel heater, which emits heat from the top front and back. The combination of glass and steel give your room a more modern and exclusive look. Iver is also up to date – choose between a WiFi thermostat or integrated digital thermostat. Iver can also be integrated with smart house solutions like Google Home, Tibber among others.

Elegant design on legs: Iver can stand on legs (floor stand) – for even more chances of putting the radiator where you want it. Floor stand is an optional extra.

  • New, elegant glass design (black or white)
  • WiFi or digital thermostat
  • Hardened glass front
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Splashproof (IP 24)

Product information

Our new, elegant WiFi design radiator Iver is especially for the quality-conscious. It comes in black or white, with integrated glass plate. The heat comes out of the top front and back. You can control it from anywhere, using our user-friendly Adax app.

Sustainable heat

Iver is built to be sustainable: Its materials, design and packaging are all intended for long service life, low-energy output and effective recycling. Iver is also ready for upgrading in the future, as new thermostats are simple to install. Approved according to the EU Ecodesign directive for efficient heat control.

Iver product sheet

Product advantages

Sold with digital (DT) thermostat for simple manual adjustment of temperature, or WiFi (WT) thermostat for control via your phone.
Also supplied with the following functions:

  • Splashproof (IP 24) – approved for use in bathrooms and washrooms when permanently mounted
  • Double insulation (Cl. II) – does not require earthing
  • Protected against overheating – a fuse will cut out in the event of high internal temperature
  • Can also be controlled locally using its thermostat, without the need for WiFi
  • Cable length 1.3 m
  • Replaceable thermostat
  • 5-year guarantee