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No more wet shoes

To avoid hallway floors covered with wet shoes, you can invest in an efficient shoe dryer.
No more wet shoes.

Shoes can get wet in any season. Putting them outside to dry is possible in the summer, but not in the winter. For quick and effective drying of shoes, a shoe dryer or drying shelf are best, regardless of season. So why not invest a bit of money to make life easier?

Here are our best-selling shoe dryers:

Stylish: Neo shoe dryer – ST3D

No need to hide this minimalistic shoe drier away. The Neo shoe dryer has a digital display with 180 minute timer to ensure safe, effective drying.

Effective: Basic shoe drier – ST12T

A mechanical 180 minute timer gives you fast, efficient drying for shoes of all sizes.

Basic drying rack – TKH2

The Basic drying rack lets you dry other things than just shoes. Wet socks, gloves and caps can also be placed beside the shoes for rapid drying. The drying rack that can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor.