Do it yourself

Our recommendations for how you can reduce electricity costs

The easier it is to save electricity, the more likely it is that small routines will be followed up. Learn how to simply save more than 20 % on your electricity bill.
How to correctly place a heater


When there’s no one home, there’s no reason to have the heating on maximum. A 1000 watt heater costs tens of cents per hour when switched on. Between 40-80 watts are often used per square metres depending on whether your home is new or old. Using an example of approx. 50 watts per square metres, or 4500 watts for a home of 90 square metres. During periods when you are not home, you could save hundreds of cents per hour if your heater was switched off completely. During the course of one month, you can consequently save tens of Euros by one simple action.

Adax Wi-Fi app

Our best sellers Neo and Clea come with integrated Wi-Fi, and can be controlled via the Adax Wi-Fi app on your smartphone. Using the weekly program in the app, you can quickly set up a regular program that automatically turns the heat down when you are not home. Regardless of the length of time you are gone, there is no doubt that the app can help you save money.

Day and night time reduction

All our heaters with digital thermostat come with daytime and night time reduction. That means that the heat is reduced during those periods you are tucked up warm in bed, or are not using the room. If you want the room to be bit warmer in the morning, just set the heater to a higher setting for a couple of hours before you get up.

There are more good reasons for saving electricity than just saving money. Our environment and your indoor climate benefit from reducing electricity consumption, even if only a little.